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Making Cyber Security Affordable for All 

About Us

We are working towards securing the future by making cyber security affordable for everyone.

Our journey started when we were doing data analytics on a SIEM solution and we went down. We realized that this was nearly a 2 million dollar system that breaks after almost every upgrade.

It started us thinking, this is what organizations go through. This is their pain. They spend millions in tools that when they go down, thousands of dollars per man hour costs are accrued while your staff is waiting for vendors to get things going again.

That's when it hit us, we are a multi-million dollar customer and we sometimes get the help we need, what happens when a couple thousand dollar customer goes down? That could literally be the difference in paying your bills or going into the red that month.

Even more so, they wouldn't have the resources available to them to get advanced security features considering a solid security engineer can find employment virtually anywhere, and large companies offer more than attractive salaries and perks to entice them over.

So we decided to look out for the small businesses of the world, starting in our own back yards.

Through automation scripting and working with vendors who provide excellent products at affordable pricing, we've been able to lower the cost of cyber security exponentially, and get small businesses going in the right direction, securely!

The Key Difference


 The Cyber Security mindset keeps the following questions in mind:

  • What is the risk?
  • What is the cost associated with the risk?
  • What is the impact if this risk is exploited?

Our services are designed to help detect risk, and provide the solution required to quickly mitigate that risk.

We've helped build multiple cyber security operations for various companies, on average, the cost of a comprehensive cyber security operation program can cost millions in vendor hardware and professional services, and additional millions in adequate staffing and training.

We intend to reduce that cost association to make cyber security affordable for all organizations, regardless of size.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


In today's world, we rely heavily on staying connected with our customers through the web. From email to websites, from on premises to the cloud, security can get complex quickly.

With over 10 years in the Cyber Security Field helping many Fortune 500 clients address complex security issues successfully, we are bringing our passion for security and automation to you.

We guarantee that with our years of experience, we will be able to help keep your business connected and protected at a fraction of the cost!