About Us


What Motivates Us

We’ve held many roles in the cyber security space. No matter what role we held, we saw a common theme. Make the sale no matter what, and address the problem later.

We were tired of that. We are being relied on by our customers to help. We wanted the freedom of being honest, reliable, and maintaining our integrity. Not manipulating situations or customers to get the sale.

Our Goal

We have started building solutions for the NIST framework. The end state is to work with technology vendors to address further gaps in solutions we offer that will allow a small organization to be NIST compliant without going bankrupt.

Furthermore, we intend to give back to the cyber security community by identifying artifacts and indicators of compromise to provide threat intelligence feeds for known malicious actors.

Our Leadership Mantra

We should take pride in all that we do, for what we do will be our remembrance.

What this means to us is that everything we do, we should be proud of the work we put forward.

We want our customers to feel confident in their partnership with us, we want vendors we work with to trust us in using their product in our services, and lastly, we want these words to be seen in all of our actions, and spread as the culture of our organization.

Take the Leap

You know what drives us, you know what we are working to achieve, and you know we cannot do it without you. Help us help you by taking action today!