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Feel free to get in touch with us and let us know what you are looking for. If you are anything like us, sometimes not knowing where to begin is the best place to start! we will be more than happy to get you pointed in the right direction, consultations are free.

Mi Security Services LLC

Rochester, Michigan, United States

Frequently Asked Questions


What organizations do you provide solutions to?

Our services are designed specifically for small businesses, however the good news is, each product and solution we chose has the ability to scale for larger organizations. Our version of small businesses is less than 300 network based IP addresses.

You mention a lot about cost savings, what is the actual cost?

Hey we get it, we did market research and it pained us too that cost transparency isn't really a thing. Low pricing marketed, and the huge minimum required for said price. Our services start at $20,000 per year, this includes the yearly licenses, the cost of the infrastructure, and the cost for us to manage the service.

Do you offer specific services listed instead of as a package?

It really depends. We will do asset and patch management without SIEM or Vulnerability management, but not vice versa. SIEM is only successful with a solid asset and inventory management solution, and Vulnerability Management needs an authoritative source of record to compare identified assets against.

Do you offer package deals?

Currently, all of our services are a bundled deal, that means for the price two questions ago, you get it all. These solutions are the building blocks to answer all questions needed to drive security. What do we have on our network, what do we need to secure, what do we allow into our network, what vulnerabilities do we have, and how can data leave our network.

We officially go live June 15th 2019 to bring services to you!

We are suring up our partnerships with the various vendors, making sure we establish good relationships, and hopefully becoming authorized to use their logos on our site. Like we said, we are a small fish in a big pond, trying to navigate the waters to bring effective, scalable, low-cost solutions to you, so your organization can grow without worrying about extravagant cyber security costs, attracting top talent, or the high turnover rate in the security field. Check out the various MSSP Glassdoor reviews by employees, solution architect this, engineer that, all talking about being a number and recommending people stay away. How do you umm, provide security when your security engineers umm.... quit?

Despite you guys not being active yet, can we get added to the list?

Yes, reach out to us on the contact form, it will send an email to us, getting setup takes about a day, we will start building out our list of customers on a first come first serve basis. We highly recommend you bring your network person, or your IT person who manages the network to the initial call, we use a site to site VPN to make sure you are communicating securely with the environment we build out. If you guys or gals don't have a router capable of VPN, we highly recommend Fortinet, they have small business routers that do all sorts of amazing stuff for less than 400 dollars and we will point your IT person in the right direction!

Also, if you do not have an IT person, we can definitely recommend someone, or use Google to help guide you through the process for you DIY owners out there!